“On Track” with Jacob Rågård

“On Track” with Jacob Rågård ​Oh to be young and talented again (well younger anyway). Jacob Rågård has both in abundance. His debut Weissenborn instrumental “Sundown Slide” on YouTube back in May 2015 was nothing short of sensational. The composition was packed with masses of technical dexterity coupled together with wave after wave of sublime

“On Track” With Adam Bay

  “On Track” With Adam Bay I hadn’t been playing Weissenborn for very long when I first discovered “Coast” by Canadian roots and weissenborn artist Adam Bay. The track is thoroughly hypnotic and totally relaxing and to this day I still play it many times a week as part of my “Best of Weissenborn” playlist

Iseman Guitars Interview

There are many great luthiers and weissenborn manufacturers operating in the market place today but none have made such a striking impact as Iseman Guitars in recent years. Based in Hawaii, making Hawaiian guitars with local Hawaiian koa wood they consistently make the most gorgeous weissenborns i have ever seen. Every single one of their 80+

“On Track” With Andreas Aase

  “On Track” With Andreas Aase Hi Andreas thanks for the opportunity to talk to you today, can you try and describe to people what your music is fundamentally all about. I know traditional Norwegian music heritage is very important to you and that strongly reflects in your playing and music. I come from a basic training in rock, blues,

“On Track” with Pat Tierney

“On Track” with Pat Tierney The track “Misty Morning (Part 1)” was actually a B-Side on the single “The World Don’t Owe You Nothin” from 2013. The instrumental received the inaugural “The Weissenborn Information Exchange” award for “Best Original Instrumental” for 2013 and has since become one of Pat’s most admired Weissenborn tracks among the

“On Track” with Knut Hem

“On Track” with Knut Hem The track in question today is Kurt Nilsen’s track “Last Storm” taken from the 2008 Norweigan No.1 selling album “Rise To The Occasion” Kurt Nilsen is the winner of the Norweigan Pop Idol in 2003 and later a winner of World Idol in 2004 beating the likes of Britain’s Will Young

“On Track” With Andreas Rydman

  “On Track” With Andreas Rydman Musician and composer Andreas Rydman was born and raised in the village of Granö, in north Sweden. Playing guitar since the age of 13 Andreas went on to study music in London and since his return back to his native Sweden back in ’99 he has embarked on a busy and successful

Celtic Cross Interview

Building Weissenborn guitars for two decades, In excess of 500+ hollow necks built and sold to date Neil Russell at Celtic Cross Instruments is quite possibly the most prolific post war Weissenborn luthier there’s ever been. With esteemed players Xavier Rudd and Ben Harper on his client list Neil has seen it all and could literally write